An Ecological Services Consulting Firm

The Good Ground Team

Good Ground LLC brings together seasoned consulting and academic professionals, along with a team of young scientists and technicians, to deliver comprehensive ecology-driven solutions to land use and resource management problems.

RobertRobert Wiley, Good Ground, LLC President, has more than 35 years experience in ecological data collection and analysis, founded Good Ground LLC as a southeastern Ohio soil and wetland assessment service in 2005. Mr. Wiley, our lead wetland scientist, is a registered professional wetland scientist (PWS 00418) with the Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS), member of the Soil Science Society of America and has for more than 35 years experience in land evaluation, land planning, landscape design, ecosystem restoration and land management conducted in Ohio and nationwide for private landowners, small and large corporations, and government agencies. He holds degrees in forestry, plant ecology (BS) and landscape architecture (MLA). Mr. Wiley is a licensed landscape architect, a registered professional wetland scientist, a soil classifier, forester, geomorphologist, botanist and practicing field ecologist.

BobBob Eichenberg is a certified Planner with 34 years of experience working for local governments and businesses, performing a variety of environmental and land use planning services. He has served in the capacities of local government planner, project manager, deputy county engineer, consultant, and business owner. Mr. Eichenberg has a BA in Economics (magna cum laude, honors program) and MS in Environmental Studies. He has memberships in the American Institute of Certified Planners, American Planning Association, Board Member of the Raccoon Creek Partnership, and is a founding member of the Hocking River Commission. Mr. Eichenberg is also a very successful grant writer who has been awarded many grants for his home community of Athens County, Ohio.

MollyMolly M. Gurien has 30 plus years of experience as an Environmental Specialist and wetlands scientist. She has over 25 years of experience as a lecturer and Instructor in biological sciences. Ms. Gurien holds a BS in Zoology and a MS in Ecology. She is currently an Instructor at Ohio University in the Department of Biological Science, leading classes in biology, ecology and evolution, conservation biology, aquatic biology and animal diversity. She has presented many lectures on nontidal wetlands, ecology and wildlife management and has conducted training workshops on wetland delineation and plant identification. Ms. Gurien is a successful grant writer and has been awarded grants worth over $100,000. She is certified in wetlands and stream restoration, Ohio EPA ORAM, Ohio EPA Wetland IBI, Ohio Amphibian IBI and Ohio EPA QHEI and a certified Instructor of solo and tandem canoeing. Ms. Gurien is a board member of the Raccoon Creek Partnership and the American Canoe Association Freestyle Canoeing Committee.

JimJames Addington brings nearly 30 years of working experience in environmental management, impact assessment, project management and civil engineering to Good Ground, LLC. Mr. Addington worked for over 15 years as a construction manager which included hydrologic-hydraulic design, site design and project management. Before returning to college, he operated a construction company. Mr. Addington has a BA in Environmental Studies, MS and a PhD of Education. He has also obtained a Graduate Certificate of Environmental Sustainability. His recent research concerns sustainable economic systems in Appalachia and rural areas, their development, implementation and effects. He is an Adjunct Professor at Ohio University and Shawnee State University teaching courses in education, cultural diversity, environmental education and sustainability in Appalachia.

RobertRobert Rhyan has thirty-one years’ experience as a Civil Engineering Technician for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, (NRCS), serving landowners and government entities in several Southeast Ohio counties. His experience and training at NRCS has refined his knowledge and ability in field data collection, topographical surveying, soil and geological investigations, and the design and installation of a wide variety of land management and drainage improvements. He has designed ponds, wetlands, roads, livestock water systems, culverts, manure storage facilities, surface and sub-surface drainage structures, and erosion control measures. His degree in natural resources provided a base for his knowledge of geology, soils, drafting, and surveying, however, Mr. Rhyan has obtained numerous certificates through the National Employee Development Center, furthering his knowledge. Courses included Construction Inspection, Concrete Design and Inspection, Soils Engineering, Stream Mechanics and Bio-Engineering Techniques.

ScottScott Schell has more than 35 years experience in fisheries management and aquatic biology. He holds a B.S. degree in Fisheries Management and has been a member of the American Fisheries Society since 1977. He is currently an adjunct instructor teaching fisheries management, ichthyology and aquatic ecology at the college level. He is also an experienced taxonomist and field biologist. He has completed training as a level II credible data collector for OEPA including biocriteria, QHEI, water quality and watershed management planning.

EldonKraftEldon Kraft has twenty years of experience as a water resource planner and project manager.  He excels at formulating alternatives that balance the concerns of disparate interest groups.  Mr. Kraft has led or supervised the conduct of studies leading to the approval and funding of multiple Federal projects for purposes of ecosystem restoration, water conservation and flood control.  In the course of conducting these studies he has frequently acted as a facilitator for public meetings.  He recently completed several years of serving as a Director/Treasurer of a large Mutual Water Company.

Hunter WileyHunter Wiley is a forester and soil classifier with more than 6 years of experience in biological and water quality field data collection.  He has served on and led field data collection teams for forestry data, macroinvertebrate data, soils data and water chemistry data for large projects in Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Texas and Oklahoma.  He is trained in use of Trimble GPS equipment and total stations.  He served as a crew member for a 6-month boat based survey of least tern sandbar habitat on more than 400 miles of the Arkansas, Cimarron and Red Rivers.  He has conducted more than 300 property soil surveys in Ohio.  He is a member of the Society of American Foresters and the Soil Science Society of America.