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Land Planning

Good Ground LLC offers a service to prospective land buyers to evaluate the characteristics and conditions of land parcels under consideration for purchase or to locate parcels for purchase that satisfy buyer-specified criteria.   This is not a home value appraisal service. This service provides information on the outdoor features of the land and parcel improvement conditions that your realtor or home appraiser may not be able to tell you, but that you need to know. If you are searching for that just-right land; that good ground in the country to build your dreams, a Good Ground llc inspection and report can help you make an informed decision based on an understanding of the conditions or qualities of the parcel. The information provided may also strengthen your price negotiation position. Before you make that offer, call Good Ground llcand specify a Good Groundsite inspection as a condition to the offer.

Good Ground LLC can aid the new landowner in gaining a quick understanding of the newly acquired property for land planning, special uses, water features and new structure or road locations. The long term landowner would also benefit from a Good Ground LLC inspection and planning services when considering development or sale.

The GOOD GROUND LLCl and services includes a document review of your property,  a site inspection and the preparation of a brief summary report.  The report will present findings  and observations, focused on your designated features of interest, mapping and photographs, if pertinent and references and citations for your further investigations.  Features assessed may include some or all of the following list.

Good Ground LLC can assess and report on:

  • Access Roads (conditions, distances to schools,  fire protection, shopping, etc.)
  • Animal Wastes (lagoons, piles, etc.)
  • Apparent or Potential Hazardous Wastes (drums, buried tanks, poorly maintained agricultural chemical stocks and residues).
  • Driveways (slope, surface, erosion, width).
  • Erosion (near foundations, ponds, utilities, etc.)
  • Fences and Gates (type, condition, integrity,  height, etc.)
  • Flooding Zones and Evidence of Flooding.
  • Forest Condition (species, age class, health and vigor, stand area, accessibility).
  • Existing Gas Wells and Appurtenances.
  • Landscape Plantings (condition, species, design, etc.)
  • Mining (nearby active, abandoned, surface, underground, geologic information).
  • Natural Features and Hazards (cliffs, caves, sinkholes, poison plants).
  • Nearby Driving Hazards (blind intersections, steep grades, poor maintenance, etc.)
  • Neighbors and Neighborhoods (aesthetic and design consistency, noise or odor potential, etc.)
  • Out Buildings (presence, access, general condition).
  • Pasture/paddock (dominant species, weeds, vigor, soil exposure).
  • Ponds: existing (condition, size, depth, leakage, water quality).
  • Ponds: potential (location selection, feasibility, preliminary design).
  • Presence of Rare Species (in season).
  • Public Utilities (surface structures, pipelines, rights of way, etc.)
  • Safety and Security Concerns.
  • Septic System Soil Evaluation  and Preliminary Design.
  • Site Utilities (outdoor lights, wells, pumps, electric lines, etc.)
  • Soil Percolation Potential (for septic systems)
  • Soil Survey Findings
  • Soil Stability Problems (apparent mass movement, slumping, mapped soil problems).
  • Springs (size, condition, persistence, development, etc.)
  • Streams (sizes, conditions, pollution, habitat quality).
  • Surface Water Quality (field physiochemical measurements, acid water, blue water, waste, etc.)
  • Trash (concentrated piles of domestic,  industrial and farm debris).
  • Views and Scenic Vistas (or eyesores).
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife Habitat Potential

The summary report will provide you with information supporting your decision on whether a chosen site meets your needs or has the value and usability you anticipate.  The report may be used as a price negotiating tool, a basis for conditions included in your offer, an ability to anticipate post purchase costs for improvements and a starting point for planning your country retreat. Fees for services are based on property size, location, timing and items of interest.  Multiple sites may be assessed for a single fee. Please call or email to discuss your property objectives and needs.

Professional Experience

Robert Wiley has for more than 35 years experience in land evaluation, land planning, landscape design, ecosystem restoration and land management conducted in Ohio and nationwide for private landowners, small and large corporations, and government agencies.  He holds degrees in forestry, plant ecology and landscape architecture.  Mr. Wiley is a licensed landscape architect, a registered professional wetland scientist, trained forester, geomorphologist, botanist and practicing field ecologist.